Monday, January 14, 2008


Lincoln is our oldest son. He is 5 and fantastic, I absolutely adore him. (as i do all of my boys) He is proud of his family, he's compassionate, helpful, articulate, thoughtful, loves ALL sports, is terribly dramatic, is very naturally a cool kid (cute now, but scary later, he's got a strut), loves being an artist, tries new foods, looks out for his littler brothers, and absolutely adores and looks up to his daddy. Right now he wants to be a youth pastor when he grows up. A while back I overheard an argument between him and Everett that went something like this: "...Everett, Daddy knows everything." Everett responds "No he doesn't" Lincoln "Yes he does Everett" Everett - "Only God knows everything." Lincoln - "You're wrong Everett, Daddy knows everything too." to which Everett responded "No, only God knows everything, not Daddy." At which point I jumped in and affirmed that daddy does know a lot, but only God knows everything. A conversation I felt privileged to overhear!

We kept him home to homeschool him for his kindergarten year and it has been quite challenging. He is extremely social and wants to be with kids his age and have something away from his brothers that is all his own. (I feel as though I can empathize about right now) A lot of what made us decide to keep him home was his relationship with Everett, our second born. They are only 13 months apart and in transition from Bellingham to Shoreline, something changed in their relationship and they are really close now. We did not want to break this sweet bond when it was so newly formed. These last few months have been great to see them grow in their friendship. They are so fun. Last night Everett was scared and asked if they could sleep in the same bed. Keep in mind, they are already in the same room and their beds are right next to each other. I said okay, as long as they went to sleep and didn't play. When I went in to check on them they were sound asleep head to head. I love that they find comfort from one another's presence. Siblings are a gift and I am so thankful they are enjoying one another right now.

Lincoln recently decided he wants to obey God's command to be baptized! As his mother I am proud of his decision, yet anxious about it at the same time. He is only 5 1/2...he's a bright kid, understands what it meant when he asked Jesus into his heart and I know he understands what he's doing. There is just still this little part of me that feels hesitant to let him do it so young. I am always trying to figure out if he is does things to make us happy or because he wants to do them. He is a pretty typical firstborn that way so I want to be sensitive to his natural tendency to be a people pleaser. But, we didn't pressure him about it, so I need to rest in the fact that he has the Holy Spirit and it can encourage him to do things just like it does me. Phew! Glad I could talk myself through that one. Since we have a lot of family coming into town for this, we decided to dedicate Hewitt and Titus on the same day! It will be an exciting day, hopefully one that I will actually remember. It seems as though I lose a little more memory with each child. One great reason for me to keep this blog.

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