Sunday, May 25, 2008

Appointment update

I have mixed feelings about our appointment yesterday. Hewitt acted like a drunken child the whole time. This was good for the Dr. to see, but hard for me to watch because it just affirms that he is drugged and how it's affecting his little body. She has seen smart, funny, strong minded Hewitt and he did not show up to the appointment on Friday, drugged Hewitt did. He is quickly regressing since he's been on this second med and I am going to have to continue to push for him to be taken off. She wants to give it one more week, but I think I've seen enough to know that it's the medicine. His seizures continue to increase daily, even though we upped his dose last Tuesday. Every day is getting more frustrating to watch him in this state. His drops and absences increased a lot today, and although he hasn't had a tonic/clonic in several days...these are just as bad, in my mind, and harder to manage. We have another EEG scheduled for June 2nd. While I am interested to see how it has changed since this all began, I am also a little nervous because I know the seizure activity has increased so much and I'm not sure how that will read differently on the EEG. I need to do some reading this week on that. You can pray for boldness for me as I speak with the neurologist. It is not worth another week of his life for me to watch him be like this...especially since he's having seizures anyway.

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i know that this is hard for us and that you take it even harder but i often sit at my desk and just pray for you. i pray for strength, encouragment, patients, gentelness, and more patients. i know that i seem disconnected but in reality i'm right their with you going through the same battles. i love you so so much and i thank God for you. thanks for keeping everyone updated on our family. i don't know what i would do with out you. you are my joy. Hayden