Monday, May 05, 2008

Explanation of "The Beast"

In case you might be wondering why I called this his battle with the "beast." - I have joined a group online for parents of children with Doose. It has been such a blessing and I'm hoping it will be an opportunity for me to share not only our struggle and encourage others through theirs, But, to share what our hope in life is. I learned this term "the beast" from these parents. Some of these parents have been dealing with this for years without a lot of relief. They have tried many different drugs, treatments to no avail and they have to watch their children suffer daily. When I was having a hard day last week, I posted a message just venting about this whole experience. One mom responded so perfectly describing how we feel. She said it's like someone is coming in and hurting your child right before your eyes and there is nothing you can do about it. The beast is epilepsy. It's called "the beast" for the times it seems to hide itself and get our hopes up, only to come rearing it's ugly head without any warning. It is an ugly, hard to beat, frustrating part of our existence and it feels good to give it an ugly name!

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