Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Botched EEG

Part of the joy of seeing Hewitt come back to life also means enduring his major temper tantrums. Which he decided to show the eeg technician halfway through his appointment this afternoon....I don't know if she got enough read for the neuro. It was extremely frustrating to take the time to get down there and then have him lose control. But, we are still rejoicing in the fact that he is "back." Even if it means with an attitude. He is using his imagination again today...such a joy!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful is it as a parent to be so excited to see some attitude from your child! hopefully they got enough for your neurologist, I think its quite a statement... medication may not always be the answer! Again I praise you for sticking to what you feel is right for Hewitt, your an incredible mom!
Love always, Amy

K.C. said...

Hi there,
I just came across your blog on the parent's helping parents website! We are also from WA and our son just had surgery to try and control his seizures. I love your blog and my heart breaks for you. I hate epilepsy, but have accepted it. My son has battled the beast for 6-7 years now. We are former patients of Children's but are now seen at Swedish. Before Children's we were seen at Mary Bridge, who at the time did not have epilepsy specialists. You can visit our blog at www.oursixkids.blogspot.com
I have not updated since our son came home Sunday.
Take care.
K.C. Edwards