Monday, July 07, 2008

Short Update

Despite our concerns about Hewitt's increased seizures we continue to be turned away at Children's. Last Thursday one of his legs started freezing up and he could hardly walk on it. I took him in to the ED with the concern of that and the amount of seizures he was having and they sent me home without an explanation and without an evaluation from a neurologist. We are really frustrated right now. We are trying to focus on the positive though. We were told they wanted to schedule an EEG at Children's this week. That might expedite the process a little bit. Otherwise we will wait to see an epileptologist on July 21st at Children's. I am still concerned about his leg. It is acting up again today and we have no idea why. It seems like to me it would be something you would do an EEG on WHILE it was happening, just in case it is a focal seizure...I don't know if it will still be happening later this week. His neurologist in Tacoma wanted to add a fourth med to take care of it WITHOUT even seeing him to evaluate him. I refused to do that as we're seeing a new Dr. in a couple weeks. Thanks for your continued prayers. Please pray for patience for us. Also, for Hewitt's leg. I keep having these visions of it being something really horrible and him losing his ability to walk or something. It's just scary. That's probably not a possibility, but with everything else going on, it would be nice if his legs worked properly! We're out at camp this week so hopefully it will be a good breather for all of us.

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