Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Things are going well!

We continue to withhold refined sugar from Hewitt's diet and things seem to continue improving. For the last week he hasn't had more than 10 seizures in a day. This is so encouraging. Our next move is to completely remove dairy and see if that helps more. We are pushing fruit, vegetables and smoothies to get and keep things moving in his digestive system. He has had some slowing in this area (digestive) over the last year or so and we're trying to be really purposeful with his food to keep things moving like they should be. That was the only other change we made this week. We ate A LOT of fruit while we camped in Wenatchee. God is good! It was a nice reprieve for our week of vacation...and, even if it doesn't stick it was at the very least, a much needed break from so many seizures.


the griffin familia said...

Hey Colleen!
I just wanted to let you know i check your blog regularly and get encouraged in my own walk by seeing how you are processing your trials and tribulations! thanks for your honesty-it has been really good for me.
I thought i would throw a website your way (maybe you are familiar with it) beeyoutiful.com They have amazing probiotics and they have been known to do really good things for health. that is so cool to hear about the progress he has had with sugar removed.
May God bless you and heal your little boy!


McMama said...

I tried to reply to you message on the boards, but the website or my computer started acting funny.
in the for-what-it-is-worth department, my youngest was diagnosed with Apraxia (which basically means he doesn't talk -- but a more detailed version is his brain neurons can't send the right signal to his mouth to make it move right).
After talking with a friend that is dealing with Autism, she is very convinced the diet is vital to recovery/improvement.
Now, I know....Autism, Epilepsy, Apraxia--all different things. But we are still dealing with the BRAIN here and the cells that make it function right or wrong.
I do believe you are on to something in changing Hewitt's diet!
We have changed the baby's diet eliminating refined sugars--only offering lean proteins and vegs first before sugars, including fruit. We also cut dairy. We saw results within a week.
Have you considered having a delayed food allergy test? We are in the process of getting that done. His developmental ped ordered it for us so we can be sure.
Bravo to you for figuring this one out. Those boys are lucky to have you!