Thursday, September 04, 2008

Figuring things out

I strongly believe that God gives us peace about things when we need it...when we need to be okay with our circumstances, or a decision we've made...since this began in March, I have been searching for that peace in many different areas. Our decisions about Dr.'s, medicines, treatments, etc. I have received peace in those areas as we've sought new options, treatment, new Dr.'s and taken him off of some of his meds. One thing I have never had a peace about is the origination of the seizures. There is so much about seizures that the medical field doesn't know yet. There is a large percentage of people that have epilepsy that have no explanation for why. So, although Dr.'s are pathological and pharmacological by training, when it comes to seizures (and i'm sure other things) the only explanation they can give is that there isn't one, and then prescribe us a med to stop them. Maybe if that first med would've fixed everything I never would've questioned any of this. But, it didn't. So, here I am 6 months later, unsettled and looking for answers.

A couple weeks ago I posted a survey on my yahoo group for parents with kids that have Doose. I asked them a lot of questions about what their kids are eating and if they have any external symptoms that they might not have thought to relate to what they're eating. For instance, Hewitt has huge tonsils, sounds nasal (most likely swollen adenoids as well), is constipated a lot and gets eczema when he has a lot of dairy. I've been doing a lot of research and discussion with a friend of mine that knows a lot about the effects of diet on our bodies. A lot of things Hewitt's Dr. has no problem admitting she doesn't know much about because she wasn't trained in it. I got over 20 responses and about 90% of the kids eat a lot of the foods I asked about and have one or more of the symptoms asked about! I was pretty blown away by the results and I'm now researching and praying about what to do with them.

We cut dairy out about a week and a half ago...hadn't seen much change in the 10 or so seizures we were having. Well, today - as I write this at 4:00pm I can say that I've only seen 1 seizure today. ONE! It's amazing. I still want to make sure it's diet, but feel pretty sure that they're related. After a few weeks without dairy, we'll reintroduce it in a small amount and see if it makes a noticeable change.

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