Friday, October 31, 2008

Baby steps

So, things have simmered done slightly around here. The massive screaming, hitting, kicking, biting fits have calmed down a little bit and we are able to do normal things like get dressed in the morning. I feel like I'm able to see what sets him off a little better so I'm doing my best to avoid those confrontations. Although, sometimes it's impossible to avoid them when it's something like Hewitt throwing his couscous all over the kitchen table and floor making a huge disaster and my least favorite thing to clean up - pasta. Some things I just have to put my foot down on. But, it seems like the fits aren't lasting as long and with the threat of losing a toy to the garbage can he usually snaps out of it.

I had a very encouraging moment yesterday as we were driving in the car. We drove by an office that we drive by all the time. About 5 months ago I had an appointment at that office and I brought Hewitt in with me. He was doing really bad at the time, dropping, drooling like crazy and really out of it cognitively. Hayden ended up coming in to help me out because I had Titus with me as well. On our way out we ran into someone in the hallway that had a rat and he got to see it and pet it. Yesterday as we drove by Hewitt said "mommy, do you remember that place we went" and he pointed to the building. "remember how I went there with you, and Daddy came, and we saw the rat?" I know this probably sounds really trivial, but it was such an encouragement to me. At the time it happened I wouldn't have thought he was cognitive enough to even remember it at all. And, now, 5 months later he is pulling it out of his memory somewhere. It was amazing and it completely made my whole afternoon. I love how this diet is giving him enough of a break from all the seizures that his mind is able to work again like it's supposed to. He even did a page out of his preschool workbook this week!

It's little steps, but they're in the right direction.


Sarahendipity said...

YAY! :) What a wonderful blessing! I pray you continue to have days like this one!

Rebecca said...

Am hoping no news is good news :)

BTW, Remember Serry Bauer from high school? She has a very rare childhood cancer, and can use any prayers you can spare :)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys...miss you a ton. Baby #3 is coming soon for us. Good to read your updates. Praying for you. Keep in touch.

- "Stapes"