Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sorry Sarah

We had a leadership retreat for church over the weekend so we had to leave the kids with other people, yet again!! So, this time we split them up, and Hewitt and Titus stayed with friends of ours that also have 3 & 1 year old boys. Lincoln and Everett came with us to camp and stayed at the Mallory's. It was nice to have someone along. After dropping Hewitt and Titus off, I went home, packed the other two and us up and left to head out to Camp Gilead, where the retreat was. Just before leaving town, we got a phone call from my friend. It hadn't even been 5 hours yet and Hewitt had already injured himself. Ergghh. He had been having such a great week so I wasn't making him wear his helmet. He had a random drop that afternoon and cut his head on a toy! He had to go to the er for stitches - but ended up getting glued! I felt so bad all over the place. I felt bad for him that we weren't there to comfort him, I felt bad for our friends for having to deal with an ER trip on a Thursday night, and of course I felt bad for myself because I don't like to let other people do things for me. :-) Everything was fine, he did great! He has this great purple glue on the cut and everything is fine. And, some wise woman told me that I need to let people do these things for us because it's good for other people to be able to serve and bless us this way. I had to agree. It was such a blessing for them to take the boys when they have 2 of the same ages at home! I don't envy having 4 kids 3 and under! We were definitely thankful of their willingness to have Hewitt and Titus for the weekend. Praise God for good friends!

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