Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quick Update

Just wanted to post asking for a little extra prayer for Hewitt's safety. Like I posted after our appointment almost 2 weeks ago, we've had a significant set back with seizure activity. We are 98% sure this is due to the reduction we made on his medication. We are hoping things will taper off soon, it's taken a lot longer than we've expected for him to adjust to the new dose and he's had a lot of hard falls this week. All seizure types are back, except the tonic clonics (which is good). We're back to a bruised forehead and we're trying to keep him safe, but sometimes even wearing the helmet around he still isn't protected. He had a really hard fall in the pet store the other night. He fell like a tree, it was bizarre. But, he landed on his face and his hand and we thought he broke it again, but ended up he just jammed his finger really hard. Nonetheless, it's depressing to see him go back to this state. It certainly makes me appreciate how far he's come, but I'm even more eager now to get back to where we were without seizures. I'll try to keep this updated, as we're hoping things will taper off as we hit the two week mark of the medicine reduction.

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