Thursday, April 23, 2009

Birthday Pictures

The boys had a great birthday party this year. We wanted to keep it small, so we asked the Mallory family out at Camp Gilead if they would host a scavenger hunt and sleepover for them. They are friends of ours that have 5 little boys. We invited one other family that has 2 boys, so all together we had 11 boys 7 and under! It was a blast. They had a scavenger hunt around camp dressed up in their hero costumes, cooked smores over the camp fire, ate cupcakes and finished the night by watching Kung Fu Panda, and then got to sleep in camp cabins! Thanks to Camp Gilead and the Mallories, (and the Webers for coming too :) )

It was such a blessing to watch Hewitt run and play with the other boys, even running with a light saber in his hand WITHOUT a helmet. Praise God for this awesome break!

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the fam said...

WOW!! That sounds like one amazing birthday bash. My son would have felt like he had died and gone to heaven =). love you guys!