Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some updates

May is a busy month for our family and I am so behind in blogging! Hewitt continues to be seizure free, although he had a fever last week and I could have sworn I saw some hand twitching in his sleep, but in the daytime we never saw any proof of it. I'll never know for sure, but rejoicing that they're still gone.

Praises - Hewitt is potty trained in the daytime - even through nap. I was beginning to wonder if this would EVER happen and haven't pushed it because of everything else he's been going through, but I feel like we're finally over the hump! (for now anyway)

Last week he woke up having hallucinations about spiders and was up for about 4 hours convinced there were spiders everywhere, including crawling on him and us. It was absolutely horrible, but thankfully it's all over and we haven't seen any more of this night time behavior since. We think it was most likely his medicine, but we're starting to see this side of Hewitt we haven't seen before...he's scared by things fairly easily. Much easier than his brothers. This has really caught us off guard as he tends to be the "tough" guy around here. It's nice to see his sensitive side though. This week there's been a bear roaming around Shoreline and he was very fearful that it was going to claw it's way into our house!

He is memorizing whole books and reciting them back to us as he looks through the pictures. This is amazing and such sweet music to our ears. Not only that but he's retaining all kinds of songs not only from the radio, but also from church. It's so fun to see him engage and have interest in these things again.

Prayer requests - Next week is going to be a very busy week for the whole family. Hewitt does not like leaving home often and we're going to be going A LOT. A few of the things happening:
-we're in the process of moving across the neighborhood, we'll be closer to the church, closer to the school we want for the kids and saving some money. we're halfway moved, but need to finish this weekend
- we have a civil court case on wednesday (27th) morning very early that we're nervous about. someone is trying to squeak 5k out of us, and we hope that the truth will prevail and we will not have to be stuck with this debt
- our annual graduation celebration is the 29th, the friday following our court date and we have much preparation to do for this. we have lots of help, but it's still a lot to be done in one week - hayden will be taking the teens to an event the following morning (30th) as well
- the following monday (june 1st) hewitt has a 24-48 hour eeg scheduled. we're checking up on his progress, trying to see if he's having anything going on in his sleep or seizures that we're not seeing. he still has days that he acts like he's had them even though we're not seeing anything.

So, if you're still with me. We covet your prayers and appreciate your support through all of this. My next update will most likely be after our court date or after the EEG.


Rebecca said...

What happened w/the courtcase??

Anonymous said...

Im so gald he is still doing great! Praise the Lord almighty!!!