Thursday, September 16, 2010

High Low

Hayden and I just returned from a 3 night retreat to this great spot in Cannon Beach.  It is our 5th annual year of participating in a pastors and wives retreat and we always look forward to this great getaway.  It's a relaxing time to catch up with other people in our network and spend some alone time together.  It's always great to have an opportunity to relate to other people working in the same field!  One of the biggest challenges for us is always finding childcare for that long (and for 5 kids) and in the middle of the week.  This year we recruited a couple of recent high school grads and WOW what a blessing that was.  Not only did we come home to happy boys but also a clean house!  It was such a treat!  We took the boys out for pizza and talked about the week.  We asked them what their High and what their Low was for the time with the girls and this is what they all said.

Lincoln - High - "Having the Ashley's (both girls are named Ashley) come watch us this week."
               Low - "When the Ashley's left and went home today!
Everett - High - "Having the Ashley's come watch us this week."
              Low - "When the Ashley's left today" (copycat)
Hewitt - High - "Getting to clean my room"
              Low - "When we had to stop cleaning"
Titus-    High - "Coming here to eat tonight."
             Low - "Burping"

Thanks Ashley & Ashley!

We love these boys!  We are so blessed!


sarah k said...

i wish the highlight of my boys' day was cleaning! that's awesome. don't ya wonder what's going on in these little brains? glad you came home to such a happy and CLEAN home!

ashley'slife said...

We had so much fun!! I'm glad they had fun too! :)

ashley'slife said...

and wow this picture of us is so bad! haha. (it's better than the other one though. I didn't post that one on the internet. haha.)

LeRoyFam said...

ashley! it's not a bad picture. you two are beautiful!