Thursday, October 28, 2010

Making Toddy

Several of you out there have asked me how I make my Toddy, so here are my directions.  I'm sure there is a way to do this without the actually Toddy maker, the part that I think would be the hardest would be filtering it thoroughly.

What is "toddy"? Simply. Cold brewed coffee.  It is smooth, non-acidic, inexpensive and super handy to have around!

I own a Filtron Cold Brew System 
These are the parts

This is how I do it with that system.

I buy one pound of Starbucks Shade Grown Mexican and have it ground coarse for french press.

I put the filter in the bottom of my Toddy maker, like this.

Then I put the plug in the bottom.
Then I empty the whole pound of coffee into the large container.
Imagine that full of a pound of coffee.  Then I put this white holey thing on top of the grinds (the ones in your imagination).
Top that with the smaller of the two black containers.
You can really faintly see the lines on the inside of that smaller container.  You can brew this by 3/4 of a pound or a whole pound at a time.  The higher line is for a whole pound.  You have to put your finger over the hole in the smaller black container, fill it with water to the line and then set it on top of the bigger black container (like above).  I usually cover the top with a plate just so nothing crawls or flies into the water because that would be super gross.

No you just let it sit overnight or up to 16 hours or so.  After that, I pull the plug on the bottom over a carafe and let it drain into the carafe for about an hour. 

This makes a coffee concentrate that lasts 4-6 weeks in the fridge or (i think) 3 weeks non refrigerated.  I just recently read that you can rebrew the grounds with half the amount of water to get a second go out of it.  Some people might think that's gross.  I just tried it and it has a slightly different taste, but it's frugal and not disgusting, so I'm doing it.

Now I just pour about 2 ounces of this stuff into a glass, add a little cold water, (i usually drink iced americanos) half and half to the color I like it at and then top it with ice.  But, I just made this for a friend who is visiting and she wanted it hot.  So, I boiled some water on the stove and made it that way, so it's like brewed coffee.  You could also use it latte style and froth milk, or just add milk to it to make it iced.  I love this stuff.  It's great to have on hand.  I've even really started substituting my trip to Starbucks or one of the local coffee shops I love so much!  It's pretty economical, considering a pound of coffee is about $11 and i can drink off of one of these for about 2 weeks!

Please comment if you need more answers! 

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