Monday, October 18, 2010


I love the different perspective my boys bring to my life.  We've been hitting the Farmer's Market here in Richland every Friday morning for the last several weeks.  As we walk in, they climb everything they can get their feet on to stay off the concrete path.  (mostly because it's hot burning lava that Hayden and I die in every week) The first couple weeks I was telling them to get down and stay with me.  Then I realized I was being uptight and there wasn't really a good reason for them to walk up on a ledge instead of the sidewalk, etc.. and I am seeing things now from their eyes.  Every ramp, every ledge is a challenge to climb up on, under, around, jump off of, balance on, climb over....I love this about my boys.  (maybe just boys/kids in general)  I love that they see opportunity where I don't. 

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Sarahendipity said...

So true. I am learning that one too. Thanks for the reminder that it is ok, to let kids be kids. They get one chance at it, might as well let them enjoy. ☺