Friday, November 05, 2010

adoption possibilities

Hewitt, Titus and Lincoln posing with Jake

We have been looking for a dog for our family for about a month now. We were hoping to go the adoption route. This week, through a friend, we heard about this little guy. The family goes to our church and is moving out of the country.  Unfortunately, they won't be able to take him with them.  They are really bummed and looking for a loving home!  Enter - the ever expanding LeRoy household!  He will get more love here than I'm sure he will even want...He is 5 years old, used to kids, up to date on shots, housetrained, fixed, etc...everything we were wanting in a dog! He is a Jack Russell and poodle mix. We will watch him for the next week and a half and if all goes well, add him to our family! The boys are ecstatic, it's so sweet. Hopefully we will be a good fit for him too!  I'm really hoping the noise and chaos isn't too much for him!  (he has already cleaned up the food under the table that I didn't sweet up after lunch, so he's already doing GREAT in my book, oohhhh, the possibilities)
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Sheryl said...

Looks and sounds promising! I am hoping for a canine addition to the Pagh family some time soon, as our yard should be completely fenced by the end of the month. We'll see what Mr. Pagh has to say about it ;-)

LeRoyFam said...

i definitely had to make some convincing arguments to the hubby on this one. but, either way, it's worth it for the boys. i'm so excited for them.

let me know how it goes, and if you need any help looking for one :)