Monday, November 08, 2010

christmas gift idea

about 4 years ago i hit target after halloween and came across halloween costumes for 90% off.  at the time, we didn't dress up for halloween, but my boys loved playing dress-up.  sadly though our dress-up stash was pretty sorry.

i ended up buying about 12-15 costumes for under $30, saved them for Christmas, put them in a "costume box" and had a very inexpensive, yet very BIG present.  a present we are still using today.  i bought lots of different sizes, so even though some of them didn't fit at the time, they fit now and there's still costumes for the smaller ones. 

i checked target over the weekend and they were still at 75% off, but i would guess they're down by today.  i might just have to go check.  i'm sure lots of other places have theirs on sale too, i just love target!

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