Friday, April 20, 2012

5 reasons to be excited you're having a boy

1.  Boy parts.  Boy parts will make bathroom issues easy.  For example:  Changing a boy diaper is much less complicated than a girl diaper.  Everything is on the outside and you don't have to worry about wiping the wrong direction!  Also, on road trips going to the bathroom can easily happen in a cup or on the side of the road!  And, if you have one bathroom like us and you have a kid that just can't wait his turn, the tree in the backyard makes a pretty great urinal when you're a little boy.

2.   This one might be a little selfish, but boys fall in love with their mamas. It is fun to be adored. You are the first person they want to marry.  You are their measure of what's beautiful.  (my future daughter in law's should appreciate where I've set the bar on this one ;) HA!)   This inspires me to be a more beautiful person, inside and out. 

3.  Boys love to work.  They were created to work.  You might look at a lot of men today and disagree with this statement, but we directly influence our son's behavior and attitudes about work.  We are given the unique opportunity to ignite that desire within them!  (I could do a whole post about this topic.)

4.  Boys are simple to dress.  And, although I have complained relentlessly about the availability of stylish (non-corny) clothes for the last 10 years, boys wardrobes have one thing going that I love.  Their wardrobes consist of about 5 things.  Pants, shorts, long sleeves, short sleeves and underwear.  Need I say more? 

5. They help you better understand your husband.   I'm not inferring that men act like children. (ahem)  More like, I have 3 sisters, I have never been a boy.  I will never be a boy.  I can never fully understand how my husband's mind works, but having the opportunity to watch my boys gives me a glimpse into how the male mind functions.

*disclaimer:  This is a pretty generalized list, not a list of promises.  Obviously not all boys are the same, just like all girls are not the same.  Please don't hold me responsible if your son wants to wear leg warmers or scarves or other accessories (which obviously fall outside of the 5 clothing items category, I have one that enjoys boy accessories). 



Adventures In Babywearing said...

Love it! I thought I was a mom to all boys (3 in a row) for sure but then a girl somehow ended up in our mix at the end!


Colleen @ six said...

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