Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Donations for Homeless People

{Our 2 oldest boys}
******12/19 update - If anyone is interested in helping assemble the bags on the 23rd or distribute them with us on the 24th please let me know!!

Thank you for your continued support and donations!  It's been really fun to be a part of and there are more lessons being learned in this fun adventure than I had anticipated!
Hello friends!  A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to have a date with my son Everett.  On our date we were talking about his future and things he would like to do as an adult.  One of those things was to help homeless people.  Our family has long been passionate about helping those without homes and had ample opportunities to do so in some of the other communities we've lived in.  Since moving to the Tri-cities 2.5 years ago we have had a hard time really finding our groove again.  Recently our pastor's daughter shared her passion for adoption at church (thanks Jenise!!) and my heart was challenged to help my kids live out the burdens God has laid on their hearts.  God has given our kids a burden for those who are hungry and in need of physical help.  I was encouraged to help them fufill this calling on their own hearts!  I'm excited to see how God is going to use them this way - to His glory!  Everett and I sat and he wrote out a plan of action on what he can do now, at 9, to help the homeless people in our community.  His goal was clear - he wanted to give them a Christmas gift.  Something useful but also some things that are fun.  When we got home he shared his idea with his older brother Lincoln (10).  They quickly went to work on creating a flier.  Tonight they will share their vision and burden with the youth group at our church and hopefully other people will answer the call with them! We invite you to answer this call.  Help them see that God can use 9 & 10 year olds to love on His people! 

We will take donations all the way up to December 22nd and assemble the bags on the 23rd.  Our hope is to distribute them on Christmas Eve as a family!

Here is part of what their flier looks like.  I helped a tiny bit - but the rest of it is all theirs!

Our goal is to create 100 bags to hand out to homeless
people on Christmas Eve - We will update as we receive items

62/105 - Standard size gift bags
38/100  received Hats
100 Gloves
160/200 received Hand warmers120/200 received Foot warmers
20/100 prs. of socks (new)
4/100  received- $5 gift cards to McDonald's or other fast food restaurant
0/100 - Coffee cards ($5 quantities)86/100 received  - Toothbrushes72/100 received -  Toothpaste 0/100 - Bus pass (10 ticket pass costs $12) Can be bought at Three Rivers Transit Center7109 W. Okanogan Place Kennewick Hours: M-F 8-572/100 -received - Cookies (pre packaged please)100/100 - Mini Bible or New Testament
100/100 - Gum
300/300 hard candy
100/100 - Water bottles (disposable)
25/100 - Note pad and 50/100 pen

Share the love of Jesus & make someone smile this Christmas.

Donations can be dropped off at First Baptist Church of Ricland 1107 Wright AVE Richland with Hayden LeRoy (he's the youth pastor)

M-TH 9-5 we will also come pick donations up if you can't get to the church!  Just send us an email or call!

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