Saturday, June 07, 2008


Today was a great day. Not only were Hewitt's seizures significantly less than the day before, but he was out in full force and it was so fun. It's amazing how quickly I forget what his little personality is like. I have had this shadow looming over me and it has briefly taken away the memory of him before this all began. We went out to a few places today and had the joy of watching him: he boldly introduced himself to anyone he didn't know, he proudly said his name, he told people how old he was, he pointed out a black car while we were out and said, "that's a black car, right mommy?" he followed 2 step instructions from me while getting ready for bed, he apologized before being asked, told me he will be very gentle with my hair (right after he pulled it and I said "ow"), he is so very charming and was really encouraging. So encouraging that I'm sitting here crying while going over it all. We take such small things for granted sometimes. So, even though the day wasn't seizure free we had Hewitt back and that was enough.


Anonymous said...

Colleenie, I'm so glad you had our Hewitt back ! Dad and I miss the little munchkin that is hidden in the seizures. Hopefully this summer we will get to see more of all the boys (you and Hayden too) when I get off work. We love you all ! Love, Mom

The Fears said...

I will be praying you have many more days like this