Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hewitt at 4 months

Hewitt at 3 years

That last post is a hard one for me to follow because I just want to stay and rest there for a while. I like it there. Hewitt is definitely still doing well cognitively. He continues to improve and today got himself COMPLETELY undressed and redressed. Hayden and I made an interesting discovery. As I was giving Hewitt his most recent addition to his meds this morning Hayden realized that we give 2 of them, not 1! Everytime he had given Hewitt this medicine he had only been giving him one...Sunday morning he had a tonic/clonic seizure a little over 3 minutes and then Monday morning had another one. But, oddly most of Sunday afternoon he didn't have ANY seizure activity. So, now we're not sure if the increase in big seizure activity was because of one of the missed pills and if the decrease of seizure activity was because of one of the missed pills! ERRRR. I guess we will see now how he does over the next few days. It was nice to have a break from all of the drops though. Although, the seizures he had this morning were different than anything we had ever seen before! The only thing constant about this all is that it is always changing.

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Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures of the boys sucking their fingers. Love it! I miss you guys and need to come and visit. Don't know when though. Love and miss you. K