Monday, September 06, 2010


a laborious weekend...

we ALL enjoyed our weekend with some friends visiting from out of town.  we met them while the guys attended multnomah together and shared life together for a couple years.  when we met, they had one little girl, close to a year old and lincoln was still in the womb.  now, we have 9 between us, 7 boys and 2 girls.  we all enjoyed having some little girls in the house for the weekend.  although exhausted, we are refreshed by their love and the time spent catching up.  the kids had a blast together and played well the whole weekend.  lincoln even cried when they were leaving this morning, which is unheard of!    

farmer's market (butter beans, tomatoes, onions, basil), howard amon park for some music, playground time and throwing rocks in the columbia, double date night, church, coffee, tour of tri-cities, catching praying mantis's, feeding them then watching them breed (great home school lesson :) ), project runway, value village and sewing...our weekend in a nutshell.

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