Thursday, October 21, 2010

homeschool p.e.

I love it when everyone else goes back to school.  It really frees up the space at the parks for my kids to play. An added bonus, I'm not so stressed out about taking them to some of the bigger parks for fear of losing one.  Today, we went to a big park.  The boys were oddly in awe of the amount of squirrels there and told me multiple times that it was in fact a "squirrel habitat."   (umm, guys, have you noticed our back yard, not to mention our whole neighborhood...?  oh, to look at the world with wide eyed wonder.)

 Titus was having a hard time scaling the bigger rocks, but thankfully there were some 3 year old rocks close by he could leap off of.
 and some creepy fish to climb on
straight up thugs, yo

you know, thugs with silly bands...
 I love this park, there are so many different options for the kids to climb
 That is a face of absolute pride (in a good way).  This is the first time he's made it up any of these rocks and I think he surprised himself.  I love seeing this look on his face.
Titus the conqueror...or something like that

He definitely jumped off of that.  This was a compromise because he wanted to jump off the part of the rock that was about 3 feet higher than this. 

That thing spins.  It's a good ab workout for sure.

Hewitt (and his shadow) jumping off the lower ledge.  He landed this perfectly!  Quite an accomplishment.  6 months ago his legs would've given out and he would've landed on his face.  So, he's looking pretty good here!

We really had a great time.  They climbed rocks. (I drank coffee) They played tag. (I drank coffee) They flew down the zip line. (I drank coffee) I snapped pictures. (they got some exercise)  Fun was had by all.  Well, almost everyone.  We were doing great until we stopped for a little snack.  When snacktime (horizon yogurt tubes) ended we had a very unhappy baby on our hands.

He did this for like 5 minutes.  The boy likes to eat and that measly little 3 oz of yogurt just wasn't cuttin' it for him.

He was so mad he was trying to take his shirt off.  This was quite amusing to me.  I'm sure the other Mom's on the playground thought I was a jerk.  But, he's so cute.  I had to take his picture and laugh at him.  We went home shortly after that because it really was close to lunch time and the other youngin was doing this kind of thing...

He was quite entertained by these pictures after his fit was over.  I'm sparing you the worst folks, trust me.  This was an ugly one.  Feet stomping, coat throwing...ugly fit.  But, cute nonetheless.


The Momma Chronicles said...

Love it! Call us, we do homeschool p.e. at the parks, too. Complete with tantrums and coffee.


ashley'slife said...

sooooo, you must have been at the park for hours and hours if you were drinking coffee. Did you finish it?
Glad you guys had fun!!

Anonymous said...

Ok yes to the creepy fish and I'm picturing the boys wondering why is my mom taking pictures I need food, too funny