Wednesday, October 20, 2010

oh so yummy

I have looked far and wide for a decent coconut scented lotion for a long time now.  At last, I have found one.   I love how it reminds me of summer.  I tried this one on the other day while waiting in line at Highland Health Foods and I was instantly smitten.  I have to stop myself from licking it off my skin.  (that's how good it smells)  Especially after reading the ingredient list...because it might not even hurt me if I did.  

You could buy it on the company's website.  But  I saw it some other places for like half the price.  Or just at Highland Health Foods...or at Fred Meyer.  Oh yeah, that's right.  I bought it at Fred Meyer because it was a dollar cheaper than Highland Health Foods.  And, I'm cheap like that.  Not to mention that I'm mad at Highland Health Foods right now, so I took my $9.00 lotion purchase somewhere else.  That'll teach 'em. 

"What's on your list today?  You'll find it at Fred Meyer." 

Their song is actually true.  Today.

Ooo.  I'm adding this after I've already published this.  But, I put some on tonight at 6:00 and have washed my hands at least 4 times since then, and it's now 9:40.  My hands still smell like it.  I think that's pretty impressive.  Just in case you were wondering if the smell actually lingers.  It does.  

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ashley'slife said...

Yeah, way to stick it to 'em!