Saturday, December 11, 2010

my favorite pampered chef tool

One of my sisters sold Pampered Chef for a while so I collected a few PC items. My favorite is this squeegee thing. It's meant for scooping food off the cutting board after you cut it, but I found a better use for it.

Have you ever served a cranky 3 year old cous cous? This is when I discovered the alternate use for this...while scraping cous cous up off my dining table and wood floor.

It works great with all kinds of things that are annoying to clean up.

I don't like having a bazillion gadgets in my kitchen, but this is one that earns its keep!

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1 comment:

Sarahendipity said...

I have one of those plastic scoop-like things that bakers use in bakeries for scooping out frosting. I use it for everything too. Some, I won't mention. ☺ Yay for gadgets that make life a little easier!