Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our favorite kid words

Our kids have several words that they pronounce incorrectly that are so cute we can't correct them. They'll figure it out soon enough! Here's a list of some of our faves:
Cumpin (Pumpkin - Lincoln as a toddler, he's got it right now though!)
Popstickles (popsicles - they all say this one and we never correct them)
Hangaber (hamburger - that's hewitt's)
Hanitizer (hand sanitizer - hewitt again - it makes more sense his way)
Old Mcdonald's had a farm (Mcdonald's - Hewitt and Ev calls it Old Mcdonald's)
Old Maybe (Old Navy - that was Everett's he's got it right now though)
Breffest (Breakfast - Hewitt)
Caddy (Hayden's Cadillac, he also refers to it as a her)

1 comment:

ashley'slife said...

Oh my gosh Mary-Beth sings Old McDonalds too! and Jonah used to call Old Navy, "Old Lady"
haha thanks for these funny memories!