Friday, May 02, 2008

The "old" Hewitt coming through

Hewitt woke up today in a cranky mood. For those of you that know him, this isn't an unusual thing. This picture is a perfect image of what is attitude is like most of the time! But, since he's started on meds he hasn't been as cranky as he used to be. I really forgot how bad it used to be until today. He had his usual morning of myoclonic seizures for an hour or so. These are the small ones that make his arms fly up or his head drop, or there's myoclonic astatic ones that make him lose muscle tone and fall down. Thankfully in the morning he's usually in bed with me when these are happening. But, this morning it all came rushing back to me as I wrestled him to sit in a time out on his bed! I caught a glimpse of how he behaved before all of this started. I have been so wrapped up in everything going on I forgot how really cranky he can be. He was being so naughty this morning after the seizures stopped. I didn't know if I should be thankful that the medicine is allowing him to be himself or if I should cry that I have this to deal with on top of his shoulder and the seizures! Either way, it was kind of nice to see him and know he was being himself again. Even if it means dealing with a little stinker! I'll take the stinker any day if that means I have my Hewitt.

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minigolfmafia said...

I noticed that your camera is from the future (look at date stamp)