Saturday, July 19, 2008

Some Time Apart

As I write this, I sit in my quiet and empty house, only hearing the quiet snore of Hayden taking a little nap!

Friday, we went up to Bellingham to visit with a family from our old church who recently lost their father/husband. Hayden has the honor of leading the memorial service this coming Monday. We had planned to drop the boys off with some other friends while we met with the family, and right before we left town, she called back and told me we could leave the boys for the weekend if we felt comfortable. I told her I would bring their stuff and think about it on the way up.

The longest we've been away from Hewitt since this all started is a few hours for a couple date nights. Now we had the opportunity to leave him for a whole weekend...a choice that's hard even when your child isn't having these new medical issues! But, we trust this family, they've watched our boys many times before this all started while we've gone on weekends away. I don't know if they fully understand what they've signed up for and how much of a blessing it is to us to get a mental break from all of this. They have 3 older school-aged children and it is so sweet to see them all play and get along so well. They are very dear to us. So, he is having a blast, doing okay. He hasn't had any big ones and I keep my phone with me constantly. This is good. (i keep repeating to myself) It's good for Hayden and I. We kept Titus with us, but just lined up a last-minute baby lover from our church to take him for the night...WE HAVE A NIGHT IN OUR HOUSE ALONE! We'll probably end up doing something really lame like cleaning it or playing video games or something...but, whatever we do, we'll be together, alone for an evening and that is wonderful. It's something we need to do for us and for our kids. So, I am going to quit being lame, get off the computer and take my husband out for dinner!


CharlieR said...

Colleen playing video games is never lame especially if your playing with someone you love.

Adam said...

Hurray! So glad for you two! Hope you enjoyed your weekend of quiet together. Love you!

CharlieR said...

Yep i do gotta blog now we can blog buddies. I had blog before on another site but it fell though.

minigolfmafia said...

I'll have to agree with Chuck - playing videogames is never lame :D. We are still praying for you guys and especially Hewitt here at camp.

~Jason Quey