Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We took Hayden to Ichi Bento for lunch today. (It's a local teriyaki place). While the kids and I waited for him in the parking lot, the following conversation manifested. I should note, we were listening to the Christian radio station.

Lincoln says in a sincerely syrup sweet voice "Mom, do you know what my favorite word is? It's Christ. Christ is my favorite word."

Everett chimes in, obviously trying to one up Lincoln: "Mom, do you know what my favorite word is? It's God."

Hewitt eagerly joins the conversation: " Mom, guess what my favorite word is?" long pause "my favorite word is" another long pause "teriyaki"

And, that, in a nutshell is Hewitt. He wants to be a part of things, but could care less if he's different. This serves him well these days as he eats much differently than the other 2. I'm sure it will serve him well in life! I love it about him. These guys are so funny. I wish I had something where I could just secretly record some of the things they randomly say. In their pursuit of Godliness, and learning "how" to be a Christian, I love hearing what comes out of their mouths!

We are at the end of our SECOND seizure free day! Woo-hoo.

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