Saturday, January 03, 2009

Changes for the New Year

This has more to do with our overall family, but wanted to share anyway. First of all, we're starting the new year expecting our 5th child in July! I'm almost 13 weeks and we're really excited about the arrival of another little one. Second, after much prayer and wise counsel, Hayden and I decided to purchase a local shipping/postal store. It is a really low key store, only open from 12-5 M-F. Things worked out financially, God opened all the doors so we just kept walking through them. We had our first official day on Friday and Tuesday I will have my first official day with just me and the boys! We'll do our school here along with naps and the other stuff we do. So far the kids are excited and we are too. It will definitely be an adjustment, but this suits us well. I have never been a homebody and staying home and homeschooling has been a challenge for me that way. I am excited to have a place to "go" everyday where we can do school, run a business and be a family! It's less than 2 blocks from the church and less than a mile from our house. Please pray for us as we start this new adventure!


Rochelle said...

Colleen--so happy for all your great news--now if you could just get those nasty seizures back under control! I have a good feeling about MAD for you . . . and if you get to the point of doing keto, it's really not that bad. Congrats on the new little one (I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a girl :)) Good luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

Collenie & Hayden, Dad and I are so proud of all that you have accomplished ! We are excited about the little one (hopefully a girl). Take care and let us know how we can help. Love, MOM

Rebecca said...

HAHAHAH about your mom wanting a girl!!! *giggles*

Congrats on both ends!

I hope you got my message on myspace, if not, it's the same as what I use here,

jess said...

Wahoo!!!!!!!!! I'm sooo excited for you! I can not wait to meet the new little one in July. Girl you are leaving me behind in the dust! Oh well, I need my baby fix, for sure. Just let me come play next time we drive through. I still pray for you guys every time I use the orange Starbucks mug you let me "borrow" 9 months ago. Tell the boys Audrey Mark and Matthew say Hi.