Thursday, January 15, 2009


Through all of this mess with Hewitt we have been amazed at how God has brought His light and love into our lives when things feel so very dark. One of the biggest ways He has done that over these last 9 months is with our other children...but, honestly a majority has been from Titus. Don't get me wrong, we adore all of our boys, but there is something different and special about a baby that the "big" boys have grown out of. We are so thankful to have our sweet, smiling and always entertaining Titus. He has brought so many extra smiles and laughs, it makes the anticipation of a 5th a little less daunting.


Nichole said...

he totally looks like hayden c[:

<3 excited for numbah 5 !!!

JQuey said...

I wonder if number five will be as charismatic as Titus. Who knows, maybe he will push Hewitt over and the seizure demon will be removed from his body :D. I'm still prayin for y'all and I know a few other camp staff still are too!

*Heather Christine* said...

That is such a cute pic. I miss you guys so much and love you!