Wednesday, February 04, 2009

He's Back

I've been waiting to post this because it seems like whenever I do things change again, but I'll post anyway because it's just so exciting.

Hewitt hasn't had a seizure in 6 days.

It's amazing. Last week, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, we were absolutely distraught because he was having so many. Last Sunday we finally gave him his emergency meds to stop it because we thought he was in non convulsive status. He was just sitting, barely talking and constantly drooling. You couldn't carry a conversation with him. It was heartbreaking. Sunday, Titus came down with a fever and then passed it on to all the other kids thoroughout the week. Hewitt was the last to get it. It was the first serious fever he's had since we've started this whole journey and if all the seizures he was having before weren't enough, he started having more. In the time he was actually aware and conversational he was mean and angry and hard to deal with. We got his fever under control and the seizures slowed down and then on Thursday, we added a new med, Euthosuximide. It's a med to control absence seizures. He's on a fairly low dose, and only once a day. But, Friday, he woke up alert, happy and hasn't had a seizure since. He has been a doll all week. It's like we have him back completely. Usually when the seizures subside the behavior issues begin, but so far, things have been great. Still doing normal 3 year old things, but no more psychotic anger episodes. He's trying to obey, kissing and hugging everyone and he's told me twice (without prompting) that he doesn't have "ceasers" anymore. He's adorable and we're soaking up every minute of him.

Things are good now, but we know that could change at any moment. We certainly try not to live in fear of the seizures returning because it's way too early to tell if this med will make this change long term. But, we're learning (slowly)to take today and deal with what we've got!

He had an evaluation at the local school district yesterday and today to see if he will be able to be in a special preschool program for kids with developmental delays. This has been hard to swallow, but I think it will be good for him socially and developmentally. Without the seizures, he did great on most of the testing. It continues to amaze me how quickly his body recovers when they stop. We wait now to see what services they will offer and when he will start.


sarah said...

the lord has such perfect timing. i remember us talking about how these evaluations were going to happen (and what the outcome would be) with the increased seizure activity....what a great god we have to meet us in our every moment of need! i'm excited for you guys...

*Heather Christine* said...

I am so happy for you guys! We pray for him all the time. What a great God... We love you
the Richners

Rebecca said...

how are things goin' honey?

And how are you taking the big birthday comin up?? *innocent look*