Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This last week has been full of exciting changes and events for our family. Hayden started his new job, we moved to a new city, new house, new part of the state. Over the weekend Phoenix turned 1, Titus is now potty trained and Hewitt learned how to ride a two wheeler (without training wheels). AMAZING! Seriously, it's almost too much to properly celebrate all of the excitement that surrounds each of those events.

We are settling in to our new digs. We're excited to have more space, a basement for the kids toys :), a big fenced backyard with lots of trees for lots of great shade, and most importantly, two closets in our bedroom. Hayden now has a closet big enough to store the results of his shoe fettish (which takes a lot of space when you wear 15's)! Ah, the little things. We had our first Sunday at our new church and felt so refreshed. We're excited to meet new people and make new friends and for everything "new" headed our way. I've already booked my week hanging out with some "new" and some old friends.

The sunshine has been so refreshing, as has the a/c to counteract adjusting to the heat. Some pics of our short (yet packed) week and a half here!

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