Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I haven't posted anything about Hewitt in a long time.  He is still seizure free and it has been a year and a half.  I seriously love being able to type that in there.  His next neuro appointment is in December.  If Hewitt is still seizure free at that point we will schedule an EEG for January and if that is "normal" and seizure free we will begin the slow wean from the Keppra.  If things continue to go well, then we will also slowly wean the ethosuximide.  I cannot wait for this to happen and to see what my boy is like without all these meds in his system.

I have had a lot of people ask me if we think he could grow out of the seizures.  A long time ago I posted about how kids have about a 60% chance of growing out of this type of epilepsy.  I can say, that in my soul, I feel like he's grown out of it.  I really think it's gone.  I know there is that small chance that I could be wrong, but the mom instinct in me says it's over.

Hewitt is 5 and these are a few of the things he's doing that we rejoice in!
1. Riding a two wheeled bike!
2. He knows all of his letters, letter sounds and is reading simple 3 letter words.
3. Coloring, writing, cutting and enjoying all kinds of kid crafting.
4. Running, jumping, climbing trees, riding bikes and scooters and exploring outside.
5. Being obedient, kind to his siblings (not always, of course), and having an overall happy attitude!

He is no longer wearing a helmet, scooting on his bottom to get places, zoning out, falling down, throwing screaming raging fits or sleeping his life away.  And, although there are things about him that still concern me, they are things that can change with environment and training.  They aren't influenced by the force of seizures anymore! 


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the fam said...

so awesome! Praise God!!! i love seeing miracles combined with a Mama's hardwork =) and that book on teaching boys to work sounds like something we need to read- as we have been trying to work on that.