Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I had to pass this deal along.  Boy, I've really been on the computer a lot the last couple weeks just finishing up some stuff with the kids curriculum and researching other home school stuff. I'm becoming a blogging freak!  I received this offer in one of my deal emails.  Amazon is offering a 3 month trial free to moms (and dads and other caregivers).  The cool part is if you are still using diapers they give you a great deal.  Amazon prime gives you free 2 day shipping (woo-hoo), then if you subscribe to a monthly diaper purchase it will take 30% (yowsa!) off the cost of your diaper purchase.  AND, in addition to that, if you make a $25 purchase every month it extends your free trial for an additional month up to a year (and possibly longer, they're not making any promises) but it won't charge you at the end of the membership.  Which, if you're forgetful like me, is a GREAT thing!  Not to mention there are lots of other little things that amazon has that I am excited not to have to pay shipping for in the process!!

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Anonymous said...

They are also offering free two day shipping to college students. I'm not sure if that is only limited to textbooks, but it has really helped save some money for me and they are new books instead of ripped up and highlighted books :).