Thursday, October 28, 2010

149 pounds

we managed to round up 149lbs. of pumpkins at the pumpkin patch last weekend.  149 lbs!  i'm pretty sure that's what i weighed in high school. (proudly...longingly)  wow.  i have to admit, that i thought we were getting ripped off at first, but looking at this picture now, i suppose that all of those pumpkins are pretty heavy.  it definitely weighed our car down as we drove away! 

we had so much fun scrounging the field for just the right pumpkin.  everyone had something they were looking for.  i thought the gourds were the most fun.  they can be so crazy looking sometimes.  i managed to sneak out of there with 3 of my own pumpkins!  or was it 4?  who's counting anyway...i just had a hard time narrowing it down.  but now i have a pretty fall display of pumpkins on my front porch that complement all my beautiful fall trees and falling leaves!

this is our friend Robert, he came along to give us an extra set of hands!  wow, it was so nice to have an extra set of hands, who knew?!  bless you Robert!  we'll have to do that again sometime :)
Everett has repeatedly begged me to let him carry Phoenix in the backpack.  i have repeatedly refused.  this was our compromise!  he did well, but i think he realized that carrying some weight in there isn't as fun as it looks!  i'm guessing the begging will stop. 
it was a beautiful location in west pasco, we really enjoyed the views around the farm as we walked throughout the field! 

they were especially drawn to the rotten pumpkins...why is that?
it was a successful trip.  no injuries, no crying, no whining (amazing right?), just lots of fresh air and a whopping 149 pounds of pumpkins to rot on my front porch.  can't wait!

happy fall my friends!  (btw, if you want to comment and give me great ideas of things to do with all the pumpkins/gourds before they rot all over my front porch, i would certainly be open to your ideas!)

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