Saturday, October 02, 2010

"mexican" soup

I used to call this chicken tortilla soup, but I don't actually put tortillas in it, so I'm changing the name to the very creative:

Mexican Soup

WARNING: If you are type Aish, this "recipe" will probably drive you crazy.  Don't blame me, this is how I cook.  You can make a list of ingredients as you read it.  You should always read a recipe all the way through before you make it anyway! :)

I pretty much make this all year long and I've had a lot of friends ask me for the recipe.  I'm not quick to give it out though, because it's always changing and hard to write down.  It's easy, and I make variations of it all the time. 

This is how I did it this time:

The chicken
I chopped an onion and some whole garlic cloves and put them in a skillet with chicken tenderloins and butter on medium heat (but you can use whatever you want for that (oil, spray, etc...but, butter makes it all taste quite delicious)  But, in the past, I've also just thrown those same ingredients in a baking dish, drizzled with oil and baked at 375 until done while I do the rest of the soup. 

The veggies: While that was cooking, I diced up a couple bell peppers and some  yummy fresh heirloom tomatoes that someone gave us from their garden. (about 3 large ones) I threw those and some frozen corn (maybe a cup and a half) into a large baking pan and put them under the pre-heated (oh yeah, preheat your broiler) broiler until everything was a little charred and the tomatoes were nice and watery. (I've added potatoes to this in the past before too, and that's also yummy)

 If I don't have fresh tomatoes to roast, then I would normally use a can or two in their place.  And, sometimes I don't put any peppers in it at all, it's really flexible.  Oh and I suppose you could also use canned corn (although I don't think I would roast that) if that's all you have.  While this beautiful creation roasts, your chicken should be about done. I usually use the spatula that I was stirring the garlic and onion and chicken with and cut the chicken up a little with it.

Broth: At this point, you will add a box of this (sometimes I add two or more if I have a big group) Imagine creamy chicken soup.  This stuff is delicious.  It is a great universal creamy soup that works as a base for a lot of soups.  AND, as a bonus, for some reason, Grocery Outlet always seems to have this on hand for about $1.49 a I usually stock up on it in the winter when I'm making lots of soup.  It has great flavor, and it's organic.  But, then again, I've also used chicken broth in it's place, it just ends up a little thinner and I like a creamy soup.  So, if you don't want it thin you can always add milk/half and half/cream, whatever you have on hand.

I then add about 2 cans of black beans (or a few cups of cooked dried beans).  I have also been known to add pinto, kidney, white beans, refried beans...pretty much any bean except garbanzo works in here. 

That will look pretty ugly after you add the beans to it, but don't lose heart, it gets better.  After adding that I also add a few spices.  These would be better fresh, but sometimes all I have is dried.  So, a hefty tablespoon of dried oregano, a big handful of fresh chopped cilantro, pepper, and a big pinch of coriander.  Also, if I didn't have any fresh garlic I would add some dried at this point.  Now, keep an eye on those veggies under the broiler.  Once those are finished, add them to the soup.  I had to transfer everything to a bigger stockpot.  You will have to do the same :)

All combined I let it cook for a couple minutes so everything is about the same temp and then it's done....well, almost.  You need to have toppings for this soup.  I highly recommend and always add fresh lime juice to this.  Sometimes I put it in when the soup is done and sometimes I just put quartered limes on the table. 

We usually top this with a variety of the following:
Lime juice
Sour cream/plain greek yogurt works too
Crushed red pepper flakes
Crushed tortilla chips or cooked corn tortilla strips (yum)

I wish I would've taken a pic of how full the pot was beforehand.  My boys usually devour this and they each had at least 2 bowls. 


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Sarahendipity said...

Heehee. I will have to try this and will NOT be challenged at all. ☺ What a yummy looking recipe. I was just looking at soups the other day, coincidence?! Thanks for sharing and can't wait to try. ☺