Saturday, November 06, 2010

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(Hayden and Hewitt)
(Carrot Coconut Cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting (i'll post about this tomorrow))

Happy 32nd Birthday Hayden.

I still remember the first time we celebrated your birthday together - you were 17.

I still remember the way my stomach and heart felt the first time I saw you swinging
that bat, hair wet, swooshing across your face.  I wanted you then, and I still want you now.

(I must document these things before I can't say "I still remember")

Thanks for giving yourself completely for another year.
For loving the mess that is me.
For being the most loyal person I know.
For being so darn cute that I still can't resist you.
I love you.  I like you. 
And, again:  Thanks for cleaning the toilet.  It makes me feel loved.

Sorry you're so full because I forced you to eat 1/4 of that cake pictured above.  It was yummy though.

Hope you felt loved today.  We ALL adore you.

Until next year.

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Sarahendipity said...

*sigh* You are so gifted, friend. I wish I could write something as mantic as that. ☺ Oh and your cake looks amazing! Do you have any left?? ☺