Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I realize this post is way late, but I had unrealistic expectations of what I could accomplish the week before our vacation. This is the first if one of the decorations I will share on here.

You'll start to see a theme! I'm liking this book page idea.
I scored some 12 packs of silver plastic ball ornaments at the dollar store for .50. I used one of those for this. this is what you need.

Plastic ornament ( important to have something with some give. Styrofoam would work too.

I will post pics tomorrow with these directions.

Old book you can cut up.


Small bead

Hot glue


Cut one book page in strips width-wise.
Cut another 3 together width wise into 3 pieces.
Take each piece and still cutting the width direction cut 3/4 of the way up, creating a tassled look with your paper. Repeat on all pieces.

Glue strips vertically around the top of the ornament overlapping until it is covered.

Take your tassled pieces and glue them around the largest part of the ornament...kind of making a "skirt" around the ornament. Create about 2 or 3 layers. Whatever looks good to you.

Now, glue a band around the center of the circle, like a belt for the top of your skirt.

Cut the top couple layers a little shorter and uneven and then thin some of the top pieces out to make it look more like strands.

Tie a ribbon around your "belt"
I knot mine, but a bow might look cute too.

Cut another piece of ribbon for the hanger, however long you need it to be. Place the center of that ribbon at the top center of your ornament, put a small bead of glue on it, place your bead in the glue, on top of the ribbon. Tie a knot or bow in your ribbon and you're done!
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