Wednesday, January 26, 2011


titus loves books, magazines, video game how-to manuals...this boy loves literature.  i can't wait until he can actually read!

my mom sent us a box in the mail this week!  i love getting mail.  love it.  it's contents included a variety of things; things we left at their house last time we were there, some fun t-shirts, some books she got at the school she works at, and some kid magazines my dad bought at his local library for the boys.  the boys spent at least an hour pouring over these magazines for school on monday morning.  i loved it.  they loved it.  good times for all. 

lincoln working on his history lesson.  we were studying the gupta dynasty on monday and it was really fun....he hates it when i take his picture though, so i had to sneak this one!  he is changing so quickly now.  why didn't anyone warn me about 8?  he has matured so much this year.  i can't believe he'll be 9 in april.  oh wow - i hadn't had that thought until i just now typed it.  moving on...

everett is my only lefty.  (i'm holding out hope for phoenix)  i love that he is a lefty (like me).  he loves that he's like me this way too.  when i was in elementary school i had terrible handwriting and we like to blame the left handedness for this.  he follows me in this way too.  oh well.  i learned to write legibly by 5th grade...i think.

it was a beautiful sunny morning on monday.  i am looking forward to more of those beautiful sunny mornings.  they make doing school so much more enjoyable. 

some days i wish God hadn't asked me to school these boys.  but, days like monday, make me so glad that i am.  this is time we'll never get back, and i'm so thankful for it. 


ashley'slife said...

Awww this is such a cute post.

Christian said...

"some days i wish God hadn't asked me to school these boys."

Good to hear that I'm not alone in that thought...