Tuesday, March 29, 2011

day dreaming

I can't remember when our desire to have a modern prefab house began. 

I do know at the beginning of the journey I remember coming across this house.

 It was designed for Sunset magazine.  It's not only modern and environmentally friendly but it's also prefab!  Unfortunately it comes in at around $140-$160 /sq ft.!  Yowsa.  That catapulted me into a search for a more economical option.  At which point I came across an awesome website called fabprefab.  They feature all different kinds of prefab dwellings.  If you're thinking "prefab" yuck and imagining a doublewide, think again.  Click on that link and explore the beautiful possibilities and places prefab has gone to! 

From that website I found another company that is much more affordable. 

That's where this cool house comes in:
It's designed by an architect named Rocio Romero.  She designed a line of prefab homes called LV homes.  Her company was also featured in Dwell magazine (our favorite house magazine) when her company was just getting press and I fell in love with her designs there too!  The LVL which is a 1453 sq ft home kit starts at $42,950.  There are more expenses involved in the actual construction of the kit.  But, you can mix and match it with other smaller or bigger kits and/or build it on a basement.  We love the simplicity of her designs, the openness of the floorplans and the materials used for building. 

One of my favorite, albeit, somewhat unattainable feeling, designs is the following:

This gorgeous house is made of recycled shipping containers.  I LOVE this idea.  I haven't researched it enough to know if it's even a possibility in our state.  But, I love to dream about the possibilities that come with it.  I love that it's totally unconventional and out of the box!

Another great architect's name is Adam Kalkin and he has some great shipping container designs on this website:


This one is huge, but it's gorgeous.  You can even rent it for the bargain price of $6000-$10,000/week!  HA!

I have no idea what is in store for our future home.  But, it is fun to dream!

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