Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day Dad!

I hate not being with you on Father's Day, but I cooked some tri-tip roasts in your honor and we ate them all in your honor too. I let my kids eat junk food along side their veggies and smiled, thinking about how you always buy so many groceries every time you come visit and how I give you a hard time about buying the kids junk food. Making memories. That's what that's all about.

Today at church, Pastor Jim talked about the sins of our fathers and being intentional about breaking those sins generationally. It got me thinking about how you broke the chain of Mormonism in your family and what an impact that will have on generations to come. I am so thankful you met Jesus and you introduced us girls to him as well. This also got me thinking about Grandpa. How could I not? We have spent so many father's days together and I hurt for you thinking about how hard it must be to celebrate today without him. I hate thinking about the day I might celebrate it without you. You see, even though I'm sure there were some generational sins that got passed down along the way. I see many more things that I'm glad were passed down. You learned beautifully how to love from your Dad (and Mom). I really believe I chose a man that adores me because of what I saw growing up in our family. The way Grandpa always looked at Grandma, the way you look at Mom....and even the way Grandpa looked at us and I sneak glimpses of you doing the same. There can be a lot of love in a look and I can pull up a memory of Grandpa in a second just by thinking about the way he used to look at us and then our kids. He adored us all and poured so much into loving us. It is such a beautiful gift that I hope I am passing along to my own children. There are generational sins but there are also generational blessings wouldn't you say?

I also think of you a lot when I think about my little outnumbered family situation. How I long for a girl sometimes and I think of you and how you got your boys when we all got married. I hope that I welcome and love on my future daughter in laws in the same way that you have accepted my husband into our family. You might be the only real stable father figure he's had in his life and I'm so glad he has your example to follow on how to love and lead.

Thanks for being such a great Dad all these years. We feel so blessed to have parents we get along with and actually want to spend time with. It seems like a rare thing!

Blessings to you sweet Daddy-o!!

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hayden said...

what a fantastic tribute to your dad babe. i can recall some of the very same looks and adornment. i am so thankful that i got to have a second chance to be apart of your family so we could make our own. what a great fathers day i have had too. i really feel blessed. thank you my squeeze, my love.