Saturday, November 10, 2007

Halloween Memories

This year for halloween we all dressed up and went to our church's carnival...the Tab-a-rama! They had booths where the boys could play games and win candy, so they stocked up their bags with candy and had a great time. Hewitt created a memory for us that I personally will not soon forget! Hayden was running one of the booths and I was trying to manage everyone so we let one of the young men at church take him around to the different booths and get candy. I had told the boys before we arrived they could each have 2 pieces of candy. Well, Lincoln found me and told me Hewitt was eating ALL of his candy. By the time I caught up with him he had a bag full of empty wrappers! (Did I mention this was 2 days after having the stomach flu?) So, at that point, I confiscated his bag of candy (wrappers), told the boy no more candy for Hew and thought I was good...until Hewitt came and sat next to me with a big cup of lemonade! For the next 20 minutes He walked around with a very sour look on his face and came to me asking to be held. So, picture me, I have Titus in the bjorn facing in trying to go to sleep and Hewitt on my hip. Shortly after picking him up, Hewitt starts to cry for me and then pukes, and I mean projectile for several seconds, everything he had just eaten all over Titus' head and a little bit on me. When I looked down, Titus was gasping for breath through the puke that drenched his entire body! Hayden came to his rescue and ran him to the bath while I stood stunned in the middle of the room with everyone staring at me. It was so gross, yet so funny at the same time. I wish I would've had it on camera so I could share it with everyone! We finally got out of there by 9:30 and trick-or-treated at my aunt and uncle's house in Snohomish! A memorable Halloween for sure.

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