Monday, November 12, 2007

Rob Bell

Last night we had a double date with some new friends, Josh and Kimberly Mallory. We went downtown to the Moore theater to listen to Rob Bell speak on his "The Gods Are Not Angry" tour. It was an interesting experience. First of all, for those of you who have seen his nooma was like experiencing it live. It's kind of a weird thing though, it felt like we were going to see some celebrity, which seemed so backward in our Christian culture, and slightly annoying. He was refreshingly humble, funny and like in his nooma videos, well versed in the culture of the Bible. He did a fantastic job tying in the cultural relevance leading up to Abraham when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac. It was so interesting and great to have a new understanding of God's Word in the context of the culture it was written to. It made for good conversation over fries and mud pie at Red Robin. Although I might not agree with everything he says, I think he's been given this incredible gift to bring the Bible alive and relevant...he knows what our culture wants to hear and does it while still upholding the truth of God's Word. Kudos to Rob Bell, thanks for the new insight! If you have the opportunity to hear him on this tour, I highly recommend it.

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