Monday, December 03, 2007

I love my boys!

The whole time we were pregnant with Titus I was constantly bombarded with other people's input. (Like most pregnant women!) From hopes I was having a girl, advice about birth control and questions about whether or not we knew what it was, overall, most input was negative or directed towards the person's own experience and opinion on what my life must be like. It always made me sad that the idea of a young couple having a big family is so negative to so many people. Especially people that are in your extended family who don't have the common decency to keep their mouths shut and mind their own business. (short tangent) I think the size of someone's family is their own decision and I am so sick of people that cannot appreciate what children bring to our society. This, not to mention the fact that we were all children once. I find it strange that people's tolerance for children is so low. All of that to say, I am thankful that God has giving me four boys. I love my boys, I was hoping for a boy and was ecstatic when Titus was born a boy, not disappointed. I can't believe he's 3 months old already. I just put all his newborn clothes away today and I'm amazed at how quickly it goes, once again. Every stage is beautiful and I am trying to savor each of my guys where they're at because I know it is fleeting. Lincoln is learning to read, Everett is the sweetest big brother and absolutely adores Titus. The first thing he usually asks me in the morning is if he can hold him. Hewitt is just coming out of a really hard stage, the hardest any of our kids have been by far, and now is this sweet cuddly little guy. Discipline pays off, although hard at the time, we are seeing the rewards of being consistent. As we go into the holiday season I am challenged in how I can keep Christmas from being about materialism for my boys and help them comprehend the excitement and impact of Christ's birth on their own lives.

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