Thursday, May 08, 2008

and the naughtiness continues

Praise the Lord for yet another day without seizures...I think this officially makes it almost 4 days! seems though that we have traded seizures for very naughty behavior! I will take the behavior any day because it means Hewitt is alert and coherent. But, man, this is it's own trial! I am trying to stay firm, but feel so frustrated because I don't know how much of it is him and how much is the meds. We saw a definite increase in this behavior with the new med, but who knows what's what. It's so hard to tell.

A funny note about the timing of the seizures stopping - One of Hayden's fish at his office started twitching pretty severely...we are hoping maybe the seizure demon left Hewitt and went into Stanley! (the fish) : - ) Maybe the behavior demon will do the same thing soon.


minigolfmafia said...

NO! Not Stanley! I guess it is better in him than Hewitt...:D

Russ and Becca said...

Oh Colleen. I am so sorry this has happened to Hewitt. I praise God for your outlook and looking to God for hope and understanding. So many times we don't know why things happen, all we can do trust in Him. Keep trusting Colleen and I will keep praying for your family.