Friday, June 20, 2008

EEG results

I was just looking back over the page and realized I never posted anything about his EEG. I talked to the neuro while she was reading it and she said it didn't look good and that he was having a lot of seizure activity. (I could have told her that without an EEG.) We talked about it again last week and all she told me is that it still reads abnormal. This is good and bad. Good in that we're still dealing with the same thing. But, bad because we're still dealing with the same thing. One of the reasons she wanted to do it was because he had been having some leg stiffening for a week or so and she thought it might be a focal seizure: meaning it's coming from one place in the brain. When you have focal seizures it's a good thing, (as far as seizures go) because they can pinpoint where it's coming from and it makes you a possible surgery candidate. Hewitt's continue to come from all over which rules out surgery for him. If you have any more questions about that let me know and I can explain that further. For now, we just have to control them with other means, which we are doing rather unsuccessfully! We just finished day 3 of lowering his depakote sprinkles (the med we introduced 3rd) and he continues to drop a lot everyday and now his absence seizures have increased. He might be having withdrawal seizures though. We won't know for a little while how he's really doing with it all.

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