Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My New Babysitter - the Boon Flair

Today was a better day, largely in part because of the images above!
Much to Hayden's dismay, and rightfully so, I indulged on an expensive highchair for Hewitt. (The dismay being that I charged it to my paypal account ;-)) It may seem like a small thing to be so excited about, but, I finally found a safe solution to meal time with Hewitt. After a lot of researching and waiting for one to come up for sale on ebay, I found him this highchair that accomodates up to 50lbs(he's 40) with a 5-point harness. It has a pneumatic lift, (so much fun) I can raise it up so he could help me at the kitchen counter with something, or down low enough to push up to the table. It has castors and it glides around, and is ultra-modern: all of which makes it a PERFECT FIND. It is so cool that Lincoln and Everett are quite jealous and Lincoln asked if we could please buy two more for them. In case you're wondering why I needed a solution at meal time, I will share a quote from another Doose mommy.

"The dinner table was hard as well, I usually ended up with him sitting on my lap…no one but us could possibly understand how dangerous and difficult a kitchen table and fork could be to a child. "

When your arms jerk up and you are throwing whatever is in your hand, hitting yourself with what is in your hand, dropping forward and hitting your forehead, nose, lip, cheeks...breakfast, lunch and dinner become a little bit dangerous. I had previously been putting him in the armchair, surrounding him with a blanket, putting a pillow on the table in front of him and then a towel over that so he didn't get it all dirty. Even with that, sometimes he still hit his face on the edge of his bowl or plate. I have tried strapping him other ways, but he fights it and I don't blame him. FINALLY, I have one place I can strap him in, walk out of the room and I know he's not going to get hurt. (Unless he hits himself with whatever is in his hand, but there's not a lot I can do about that anyway.) This is a praise. I am ecstatic about it and if he would let me keep him strapped in there all day I just might.

Now if I could just figure out how to keep him safe from the hardwood floor, the edges of his bed, the thing at a time.

And, one more praise. Hewitt goes in to get his helmet tomorrow. This could not have come at a better time.


Anonymous said...

I love his new chair! Even though it was expensive, I'm sure to you, it is priceless!

Laura H.

Nichole said...

YAY !!!