Friday, September 05, 2008

The Appointment

Oh boy...where do I begin? I will do my best to control my virtual pen here as I share about our appointment today. Should I start with her lack of interest and friendliness with me and especially Hewitt? Maybe I should start with her condescending way of sharing information with me...or maybe I should just say it was NOT AT ALL what we were hoping for and leave it at that. In summary, everything I listed in the last post she was the exact opposite of. It couldn't have been farther from our hopes. So, now what? I am thinking maybe I shouldn't expect anything more form a Dr. specializing in this field. Maybe I should be looking for a more naturopathic Dr. like I've thought and talked about doing for so long and haven't done yet. Maybe this was just the push that I needed to do just that.

On Hewitt's end of things, he did amazing for his EEG this morning. He cooperated beautifully and things went smoothly. This afternoon he wasn't as cooperative, but I wouldn't have been either if I were him. She didn't even say hello to him when she walked in the room. She hardly acknowledged his presence, with the exception of staring at him like he was a parasite everytime he butted into our conversation like any normal 3 year old would do - bored out of his mind sitting in a Dr.'s office. I almost welcomed his fiestiness with her. I think I would have been sad to see him be nice to someone who was so rude to him. WHY WHY WHY do some adults not get that children are deserving of the same kind of respect that they are? And 10,000 times more WHY would you specialize in pediatric epileptology if you don't especially care for the little guys presence? It makes no sense to me whatsoever. Remember, this is me under control talking about this woman. NEEDLESS to say, we will not be returning to see this Dr. for Hewitt's care. We might try to get back in with her partner. But, for now, I think we'll continue with diet and if things start to get really bad then we'll reconsider an epileptologist. In the meantime I have a number of a nutritionist in Redmond that I will be contacting asap!

Thanks for your prayers. Although it didn't turn out like I had hoped I really believe it was because God has something else for Hewitt. Maybe another Dr., maybe another route entirely. We shall see!


The Fears said...

ugh Im so sorry that the appt was not what you hoped for. we wil continue to pray for all of you and that you will see what else GOD has planned for you all in care or doctors thankfully we can trust HIM to treat us with his love and compasion and grace something Im very thankful for in all things

shane said...


Shane here, I spoke with some people from the Epilepsy Center(206.744.3576)and told them all about your troubles of trying to find a doctor that is willing to at least acknowledge the fact that diet seems to be helping. They advised that you contact the Bastyr University where doctors learn about new plants and diets. She said you are more likely to find a doctor there that may take Hewitt as a case study and be able to help.

The website is

and telephone number : 206.834.4100