Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the zoo

Monday, Hayden and I left for Cannon Beach, Oregon. We wanted to spend some fun family time together before we left so we took the boys to the zoo on Saturday. We had a great time exploring and seeing all the animals. There's so much to see, it's more than a day trip especially with Hewitt and Titus' ages. We've talked about getting a zoo membership, but I think this solidified it for us. It would be nice to go and take in a little bit at a time so we could really enjoy it all. Hewitt had a great day and only had a couple drops all day! It made for such a relaxing time. The boys are staying with my parents in Olympia and we are at Cannon Beach Conference Center for a pastors and wives retreat.
We look forward to going home tomorrow and seeing them. It's been nice to be away, but they ended up being sick while we've been gone, so we really want to get back and see them all! It also seems like we've been going a lot for the last couple months and for once, I actually want to be at home (i'm not much of a home body) and I'm looking forward to the routine (something else I resist) of school, AWANA, things returning to a schedule.
Pray for Hewitt that he doesn't catch this tummy bug his brother's got. I had it the first day we were here and it was miserable. An hour after we left my parents house we got a call and he had a big seizure. The first one he's had since the end of May! A lot of times kids can have breakthrough seizures if their fighting something or sick. I'm hoping his body already fought it off and he doesn't have anymore! So far so good. He hasn't been sick once since this all started so we don't really know how he would react to illness if he gets one. I know it's bound to happen, but I'm happy to avoid it if at all possible!

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Chelsie said...

Hey Colleen, I just wanted to say that I really had fun with you, Hayden and the boys at Chipotle :-) Your boys are a lot of fun and really sweet! Thanks for the updates on here, I check often :-) and I pray even more!